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This cloud slime is inspired by the popular Japanese anime character, Bananya or Banana Cat! It is layered with a thin layer of green and yellow on top. It is also topped with chunky yellow and green iridescent glitter with smaller yellow glitters. This is a thick and dense cloud slime with little damp residue. It is super fluffy and fuzzy and reminds me of kinetic sand. This slime is perfect to squeeze, poke, drizzle, and pull!

This slime is Monkey Farts scented (bananas, grapefruits, kiwi, strawberry, vanilla, & bubblegum).

One random colored cat charm is included.

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NOTE: This slime is NOT EDIBLE, please do not consume it. This product contains non-toxic glue, lotion, fragrance oil, baby oil, baby powder, and cornstarch. If allergic to any of these ingredients, do not purchase this slime.

Each order includes borax, instructions for activator, a slime care sheet, and extras (candy/snacks).

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