Doraemon Crunch Cake

Doraemon Crunch Cake


Doraemon Crunch Cake is inspired by a Doraemon colored crunchy cake. It features a white and clear glue snow fizz base with a blue and white floam layer on top. The bottom layer is scented vanilla cream cake, while the top is scented cotton candy. There are also some blue star glitters on the bottom. It will also come with a Doraemon charm! This slime is perfect for poking, squeezing, slow stretching, and bubble popping! After stretching and swirling it, it becomes poofy and sizzly.

This slime is cotton candy & cake scented.

One random colored Doraemon charm is included.

Please note that the slime may arrive slightly mixed/avalanched during shipping. 

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NOTE: This slime is NOT EDIBLE, please do not consume it. This product contains non-toxic glue, lotion, fragrance oil, baby oil, baby powder, and cornstarch. If allergic to any of these ingredients, do not purchase this slime.

Each order includes borax, instructions for activator, a slime care sheet, and extras (candy/snacks).

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