Fish in the Sea

Fish in the Sea

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This adorable jelly cube slime is teal/aqua blue and filled with aqua iridescent glitters. It looks like an icy ocean and even smells like the tropics. There is even a cute little fish in it to entertain any kitties out there. This slime is made with chemical free sponges and are non-toxic. You can also break up the jelly cubes to make the slime into a slushee slime, so you're essentially get a 2 in 1 slime. This slime is perfect to squish, squeeze, and stretch!

This slime is pink sands and tropical fruits scented.

One Taiyaki (Japanese fish treat) charm is included!

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NOTE: This slime is NOT EDIBLE, please do not consume it. This product contains non-toxic glue, lotion, fragrance oil, baby oil, baby powder, and cornstarch. If allergic to any of these ingredients, do not purchase this slime.

Each order includes borax, instructions for activator, a slime care sheet, and extras (candy/snacks).

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