Onikitty is inspired by the Hello Kitty onigiri charm that is comes with. Onigiri is a Japanese rice ball! This slime is a white glue floam with large pink beads and small yellow beads to match the Hello Kitty colors. Black glitters are also sprinkled on top to resemble sesame seeds. It is super crunchy and bubbly. This slime is perfect for squeezing, stretching, and bubble popping!

This slime is strawberries & rice krispies scented.

One Hello Kitty onigiri charm is included.

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NOTE: This slime is NOT EDIBLE, please do not consume it. This product contains non-toxic glue, lotion, fragrance oil, baby oil, baby powder, and cornstarch. If allergic to any of these ingredients, do not purchase this slime.

Each order includes borax, instructions for activator, a slime care sheet, and extras (candy/snacks).

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